The Parrot’s Tale

Summary of the lessons The lesson presents a short story “The Parrot’s Tale” written by Rabindranath Tagore and translated by Kaiser Haq. The main themes of this story are control, freedom, responsibility, foolishness, trust, failure, waste of money, and abusing power. The story unfolds the pointless activities of the King and the court people aimed at educating an unlettered parrot of manner. At first, the parrot is locked in a golden cage and it loses freedom for this. The scholars attempt to educate it by feeding pieces of paper from books.

The Parrot’s Tale
It is also noticeable that the King appears to trust all those who are involved in the parrot’s education. Yet those involved may be driven not by educating the parrot but by the fact that the King is paying them handsomely. It also shows how the bird is being tortured in the name of educating. However, the King is highly pleased to see the grand arrangements and the manner of teaching even though he has not taken into consideration the fact that the parrot is actually learning nothing.

The end of the story is also interesting as the King’s boundless spending on the bird’s educating procedure proved futile. In the end, the parrot meets an unnatural death. Yet, nobody realized the fact that the King’s steps regarding the parrot’s training were meaningless. The lesson includes some assessments and activities like prereading, post-reading, and group works that contain question answers, writing contextual meanings of phrases or expressions, filling in the blanks, writing the suitable characteristics of the given characters, learning and identifying the type of literary work, and project work.

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